Garrett at Ano Nuevo with elephant seal pups sleeping in the background

Yes, I am a writer. Iím also a programmer analyst who holds a Master of Software Engineering degree from PSU. I enjoy day hikes, road trips, and photography. I love good books. I read science fiction and fantasy (for any ages), but also enjoy classics and other works.

I like the smell of fresh cut wood, old books, and the first rain after a dry spell. I listen in on other peopleís conversations for character material (occasionally there is something good), and try really hard not to stare while doing it. I read online newspapers but not print ones, yet I prefer handheld books to electronic ones.

A book is normally better than the movie and a movie is always better with my feet kicked up. My favorite trail is the one Iím on at the time. My favorite photographs are the ones Iím about to take. Zoos should be visited often and with kids. Iím a sucker for screwed up sci-fi or fantasy romances (Jumper, Warm Bodies, I Am Number 4, Beautiful Creatures, etc).

I hope you enjoy looking around.