Current Projects

Talfran Boggs
A flash fantasy piece. I'm still working on a description that doesn't give it all away.
A flash fantasy piece where a cemetary is more than it seems.
Never Say Goodbye
A science fiction short story about surviving a plague.
The Future History of Capital Punishment
A science fiction short story about the future history of capital punishment (the title really says it all).
A fantasy novelette about a wizard in the San Francisco Bay Area.
Devil's Crossing
A science fiction novlette about two colonies surviving on a planet with a hostile climate.
2014: "Journeyer"

Imaginative Adventure -- Locus Online

Poignant and moving -- Tangent Online

Well done story of survival and triumph -- SFRevu

In an alien world with a nearly impassable desert, a small journeyer attempts a trek to bring home a medicinal plant from the other side.

Sold to Analog Science Fiction and Fact in 2013 and published in the July/August issue of 2014.

Press and Reviews

2014: Chapter 4 of Ashes in a Teardrop

A mystery novel involving a young couple who discover a 1960s-era teardrop trailer in a dry riverbed, having been submerged years earlier in a flood.

As one author of the Stanislaus Reads and Writes community novel project put on by the Stanislaus County Library, this is my first venture into the Mystery genre. Chapter installments will be published weekly beginning in April 2014 on the Stanislaus Reads and Writes page.

Press and Reviews

2010: "The Bakrra Encounter"

Three college students find themselves guests - and prisoners - in an alien world that becomes more hostile the longer they stay.

This novella length modified excerpt from the unfinished and unnamed sequel to an unpublished novel, The Open Door, was published in an anthology, I Dreamed a Crooked Dream. The anthology can be purchased at the FSFW store, Amazon, and Barnes and Noble.

Press and Reviews