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Characters and Gender Roles

I recently have been thinking about gender roles, both in real life and in fiction.  Like many, I grew up watching children’s programming – for me it was the early and mid-80s programming.  I watched Sesame Street, Smurfs, J.I. Joe, … Continue reading

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Roh Morgon’s contest is ending…

Roh Morgon’s characters who impact and Roh’s Character Contest #1 is ending on the 27th… two days from now.  If you haven’t been to her blog, ‘musings of a moonlight writer,’ then you should head over there and try to pick … Continue reading

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Calling for help: forms of communication

I am trying to compile a list of forms of communication throughout history. The reason for this is to have a single stop resource for authors. Continue reading

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Defining your characters through their speech

To assume you don’t write in a voice, and therefore refuse to understand you are placing your characters in a specific time and place, is to deny your readers the full experience of the story being told. You must change your characters voice if they are not from the same place or time as you or the realness of the character (and the story) goes away. Continue reading

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I am working on an anthology project that will have me critiquing 92,000 words this month, and in my small group there is the potential for another 40,000+ words, plus I need to set aside time to work on my … Continue reading

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Things I have learned over the last month

Babies take a lot of patience… and I don’t know where they put it.  I’m still trying to find mine. If it were only possible to speak after you thought something through, some people wouldn’t talk at all. Practice makes … Continue reading

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Story Starters for June

There are two things to remember when executing your most beloved friend.  First, he knows it’s nothing personal – even when it is.  Second, … “Mom.  Mom!  Come on!”  I chased her down the hall to her room, my (or … Continue reading

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An almost midweek week-in-review

Interesting week, these last seven days. Won a contest I didn’t enter – tangible prize and everything (yay!).  The original contest I entered rolled into another contest, which was pretty cool.  Thank you to Lee Crystal and Outpost 13. Played … Continue reading

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Characters and Plot

Give your reader the chance to experience the ebb and flow of your story with time to enjoy the crests, curls, and splashes of your characters’ experience against the driving power of the plot.
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Characters Who Impact

Roh is asking you to step back to acknowledge characters who have had an impact on you Continue reading

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