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From PSU Software Engineering Orientation (the activity is not important, learning to work in groups using the tools supplied by PSU is important): You and your companions have just survived the crash of a small plane. Both the pilot and … Continue reading

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Keys to meaningful work groups

A.     Yelling at and belittling others encourages them B.     Conversations should wander while rarely touching on subject matter C.     Derogatory remarks are encouraged, especially when they are unrelated to the issue at hand D.     Expect others to do their part … Continue reading

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When Programmers Write

For those that don’t know, my daytime profession is a Programmer/Analyst.  I haven’t often mixed my daytime profession with my weekend and evening passion, but today I’m going to.  Here are some programmer/writers talking to a potential agent about their … Continue reading

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This may seem like a strange post, so bare with me.  Keep in mind, I am 6’2″ – the same size or shorter than many characters in current fiction. I just got a new showerhead – one of those with … Continue reading

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Story Starters for April 2011

I closed my eyes, placing my hands over my face and watching purple ghost images play against the inside of my eyelids.  My throat hadn’t started burning yet, like they threatened it would – the liars – but my lips … Continue reading

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For SciFi Writers: Gestures

Right now I’m in grad school.  Even though my major is not English, Literature, or Creative Writing, I still relate most things I learn to writing.  In one of my classes, Human-Computer Interaction, we are going through a phase of … Continue reading

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20-Minute Writing Exercises for April

The following is a set of writing exercises involving sensory input (use a piece of fruit – fruit that can be pealed works best, like oranges, lemons, or bananas): Spend 1 minute looking at the fruit. Spend 3 minutes writing … Continue reading

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