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The End

Where should a writer end a book?  Should all loose-ends be tied up?  How about leaving a hook for another book?  Should a book end differently if it is part of a series versus a stand-alone novel?  Are there rules … Continue reading

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Story Starters for May 2011

 A clap echoed down the corridor. “The coast is clear,” translated a short man with bags under his eyes.  His khaki shorts and matching shirt were more wrinkled now than when we started.  He tried to act calm, but the … Continue reading

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Writing 101

“Some editors are failed writers, but so are most writers.” T.S. Elliot This is my 101st blog post, and today I would like to talk about writing in general.  There is a huge disparity between how many people write a … Continue reading

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Keeping characters in character

As you may know, I ride the train every day.  There is a conductor who I often come in contact with, let’s call him Jake Spinner.  The first time I saw him, he was chewing out a man who was … Continue reading

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20-Minute Writing Exercises for May

The following is a set of writing exercises involving personality traits: In 3 minutes, describe all the traits you like in a person. In 3 minutes, describe a person who you know who has most of these traits. In 2 … Continue reading

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The Shot

A man, exceptional in both height and thinness, raced under the flap of the tent.  Shouting, trying to be heard over the mummer of the 600 or so people who were carrying on conversations while they ate, “Jake is about to … Continue reading

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