Keys to meaningful work groups

A.     Yelling at and belittling others encourages them

B.     Conversations should wander while rarely touching on subject matter

C.     Derogatory remarks are encouraged, especially when they are unrelated to the issue at hand

D.     Expect others to do their part even if you don’t do yours

E.     Reliance on the “group effort” is good enough

F.     Participation in group discussions is totally optional

G.     Inflammatory expletives are helpful in conveying ideas and concepts

H.     Proofreading is unnecessary when other group members are willing to do it

This is something I did for a class. Obviously, these are not the keys to meaningful work groups.

About R. Garrett Wilson

I am a member of the Stanislaus World Builders writing group and have participated in the FSFW writing group. I have written one drama that was based on the book of Mark and performed at my church in 2007. My story, Journeyer, is published in Analog Magazine and a novelette, The Bakrra Encounter, in the FSFW 2010 anthology, I Dreamed a Crooked Dream. I also took part in the community novel project, Stanislaus Reads and Writes, and have a chapter in their novel, Ashes in a Teardrop. Beyond writing, I enjoy road trips, photography, woodworking, watching tennis and cycling, and reading.
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