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“Writing is not necessarily something to be ashamed of, but do it in private and wash your hands afterwards.” — Robert Heinlein, science fiction writer

Pennsylvania State University’s newsletter, LIVE, ran an article today about writing and health titled Writing your way to better health.  Apparently, writing is a good habit after all, even if you should do it in private and wash your hands afterward.  It basically says this: if you write about past trauma, you will be healthier for it.

The reason I brought this up is because there was a link to a blog of writing prompts (you probably know that I believe in story starters and writing prompts).  These aren’t like mine – the story is secondary.  The focus of Your Write to Health  is on your mental health.  Check it out.

About R. Garrett Wilson

I am a member of the Stanislaus World Builders writing group and have participated in the FSFW writing group. I have written one drama that was based on the book of Mark and performed at my church in 2007. My story, Journeyer, is published in Analog Magazine and a novelette, The Bakrra Encounter, in the FSFW 2010 anthology, I Dreamed a Crooked Dream. I also took part in the community novel project, Stanislaus Reads and Writes, and have a chapter in their novel, Ashes in a Teardrop. Beyond writing, I enjoy road trips, photography, woodworking, watching tennis and cycling, and reading.
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  1. No wonder I’m so sane! And I really love that quote. That’s how it feels sometimes, though. :)

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