By Veterans Day

It’s been a little while since I last wrote.  I have been focused on finishing my second book by Veterans Day.  I already have a team of readers combing through the opening chapters and I want to have editing done by Thanksgiving.  I was put on this path from the Central California Writers’ Conference at Cuesta College (Oct. 2-3).

Passages of Consequence: The Open Door was about 1/3 done before the conference, but work on it had stalled.  I was having problems with how I wanted to approach different scenes.  My outline followed two parallel stories, related stories that did not intersect, that of a hostage and a target.  From both angles, you get to know the assassins and, well, they’re the interesting part – this is SciFi after all.  That outline just hit the shred-and-recycle pile. 

Based on conversations at the conference, my storyline has been trimmed down, the timeline flattened, and the best two-part chase scene ever written (not that I am biased) re-imagined.  I threw out 32 of my 88 original pages, demoted the target from a major to barely-there character, and stitched up some of the holes.

Now I’m working toward my ambitious goal of 11/11.  I have had this goal since the evening of Tuesday, the 10/6 – driving home from an FSFW meeting.  Thursday night I finished my new outline and corresponding milestones.  By the end of Friday, I was already behind.  The three-day weekend brought me back to where I thought I should be, but I have since fallen behind again.  Long nights are coming.

If my posts don’t appear as often as they did in late summer, it is because I am putting pen to paper.  I hope to get up a post a week.

About R. Garrett Wilson

I am a member of the Stanislaus World Builders writing group and have participated in the FSFW writing group. I have written one drama that was based on the book of Mark and performed at my church in 2007. My story, Journeyer, is published in Analog Magazine and a novelette, The Bakrra Encounter, in the FSFW 2010 anthology, I Dreamed a Crooked Dream. I also took part in the community novel project, Stanislaus Reads and Writes, and have a chapter in their novel, Ashes in a Teardrop. Beyond writing, I enjoy road trips, photography, woodworking, watching tennis and cycling, and reading.
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