Baby Coming…

I have found it very difficult to write or even think the last few weeks.  My baby is due between Feb 2nd and Feb 15th, depending on who you talk to at the hospital.  However, they all agree that the baby is looking like it will be early.

I thought I would be able to write until the baby comes – I was wrong.  Between writing down my wife’s contraction times, assembling baby contraptions, reiterating that ‘nothing is really happening’ to every friend and relative, and checking (over and over) our list of supplies and goods for both the hospital trip and for when we come home, I have not had any time for writing.  I barely have time for sleeping.

Any goals that I had at the beginning of the month seem silly now.  I have a baby coming, a first child, a little time machine… something that will make me younger on some days and older on others.  I still hope to have a story in the unnamed FSFW anthology, but my new goals are more home based.  I wonder how long it will be before I am back to writing 15-30 hours a week like I used to.  I guess, for now, that doesn’t matter.

About R. Garrett Wilson

I am a member of the Stanislaus World Builders writing group and have participated in the FSFW writing group. I have written one drama that was based on the book of Mark and performed at my church in 2007. My story, Journeyer, is published in Analog Magazine and a novelette, The Bakrra Encounter, in the FSFW 2010 anthology, I Dreamed a Crooked Dream. I also took part in the community novel project, Stanislaus Reads and Writes, and have a chapter in their novel, Ashes in a Teardrop. Beyond writing, I enjoy road trips, photography, woodworking, watching tennis and cycling, and reading.
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