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The End

Where should a writer end a book?  Should all loose-ends be tied up?  How about leaving a hook for another book?  Should a book end differently if it is part of a series versus a stand-alone novel?  Are there rules … Continue reading

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Writing 101

“Some editors are failed writers, but so are most writers.” T.S. Elliot This is my 101st blog post, and today I would like to talk about writing in general.  There is a huge disparity between how many people write a … Continue reading

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Keeping characters in character

As you may know, I ride the train every day.  There is a conductor who I often come in contact with, let’s call him Jake Spinner.  The first time I saw him, he was chewing out a man who was … Continue reading

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20-Minute Writing Exercises for May

The following is a set of writing exercises involving personality traits: In 3 minutes, describe all the traits you like in a person. In 3 minutes, describe a person who you know who has most of these traits. In 2 … Continue reading

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When Programmers Write

For those that don’t know, my daytime profession is a Programmer/Analyst.  I haven’t often mixed my daytime profession with my weekend and evening passion, but today I’m going to.  Here are some programmer/writers talking to a potential agent about their … Continue reading

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This may seem like a strange post, so bare with me.  Keep in mind, I am 6’2″ – the same size or shorter than many characters in current fiction. I just got a new showerhead – one of those with … Continue reading

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For SciFi Writers: Gestures

Right now I’m in grad school.  Even though my major is not English, Literature, or Creative Writing, I still relate most things I learn to writing.  In one of my classes, Human-Computer Interaction, we are going through a phase of … Continue reading

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Right now, I love the headlines in the news.  Not because I like the news, there is a lot of bad news out there, but the headlines are great, especially when paired with each other.  I can just see the … Continue reading

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A Perfect News Article for Writers

Sometimes news articles provide the perfect platform for generating story ideas. This week there was once such article. Continue reading

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Characters and Plot

Give your reader the chance to experience the ebb and flow of your story with time to enjoy the crests, curls, and splashes of your characters’ experience against the driving power of the plot.
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